The Guardian revises story about UK Riots which singled out Hasidic Jews

The Guardian, all but assuredly as the result of the negative publicity generated by our post from yesterday calling them out on Paul Lewis’s curious reference to “Hasidic Jews” in his story about the UK Riots, just changed the text in the offending report.

Here’s a screen capture of the original text from Lewis’s orignal Aug. 7th report:

Now, here’s the current version of the post:

So, while we’ll likely not see an official apology from the Guardian for singling out Jews in a series of reports which clearly took pains to not mention the race, religion, ethnicity, or national background of those participating in the riots, their revision still represents an acknowledgement that our initial complaint was meritorious. 

In addition to calling out those, at the Guardian and their blog, Comment is Free, who engage in anti-Semitism and assault the legitimacy of Israel, this blog also takes quite seriously what seems to be their institutional obsession with Jews and Israel.

As such, we may have won this particular battle but the cognitive war still rages.

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