If rockets are fired at your city but the Guardian doesn’t cover it, did the attacks really occur?

If you counted on the Guardian’s Middle East page for your news about Israel, you likely wouldn’t know that, since Operation Cast Lead ended in January of 2009, 393 rockets and 337 mortar shells have been fired into Southern Israel from Gaza. 

Islamic Jihad operatives demonstrate firing a mortar

Here’s the distribution of attacks since 2010:

In fact, during the month of March (2011) – which saw a dramatic increase in the number of attacks from Gaza – there were only two stories in the Guardian which even mentioned the rocket fire, and, in true Guardian fashion, focused on the Palestinian casualties from Israel’s retaliatory actions.

For those who take the persistent threat posed to Israeli communities by enemy rocket fire seriously, you may want to follow the blog, This Ongoing War.

Elder of Ziyon also has a good monthly rocket calendar.

The Meir Amit Terrorism and Information Center is a great site for detailed information and analysis.

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