Why is this in the Judaism section of Comment is Free?

Comment is Free has a section devoted to Belief – broken down into several pages, such as Anglicanism, Catholicism, Evangelicalism, Islam, and Judaism – which contains commentary (by CiF contributors and regular Guardian bloggers) on issues relating to the particular issues which concern each religious belief.  It also contains the blog of the Guardian’s Divine Dispatch, a roundup of notable news pertaining to various faith traditions, by their Religious Affairs correspondent, Riazz Butt

Today, in the Judaism section, they included the Aug. 8th CiF commentary by Slavoj Žižek, “The vile logic to Anders Breivik choice of target” which was ostensibly about the Norway terror attack but, as we noted our post about Žižek’s commentary, was actually a vicious anti-Zionist screed (with, at the least, anti-Semitic undertones)  by a writer with a well-documented record of advancing even more explicit Judeophobic narratives.

Though you should read our post about Žižek in full, briefly, Žižek accused Zionism of employing the “logic of anti-Semitism” and suggested a commonality between Zionism and classic European Fascism.

While it’s bad enough that commentators who engage in anti-Semitism and vicious assaults on Israel’s legitimacy are routinely included on the pages of Comment is Free, why would CiF editors consider someone possessing such animosity towards Jews as an important voice on Jewish Belief?

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