Ben White believes Brits cleaning up after the riots represent “white fascism”

H/T Harry’s Place 

Ben White, who thinks that Israel shouldn’t exist and has a soft spot in his heart for anti-Semites, evidently also believes that UK citizens cleaning up their neighborhoods after several days of destructive rioting represents “broadly white” “popular fascism.”  He Tweeted this:

The article he linked to, by Dr. Sofia Himmelblau, claims:

“By the symbolic cleaning, cleansing and casting out of the rioters from the community, the sweepers appear to enact the closest thing to popular fascism that we have seen on the streets of certain ‘leafy’ bits of London for years.”

The suggestion that those cleaning up after the riots are white fascists is simply hysterical and beyond caricature. In addition to giving a H/T to Harry’s Place, I should also give one to Mr. White, as his endorsement of such ludicrous ideas certainly puts his obsessive hatred of Israel in some perspective. 

You should read the whole Harry’s Place piece, as it also highlights some politically convenient photo cropping of the cleaners (sorry, “fascists”) by the esteemed Dr. Himmelblau.  

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