Update on post about placement of essay by anti-Semitic commentator on CiF Jewish Belief page

On Aug. 10th we reported on the disturbing decision by CiF editors to place an Aug. 8th commentary by Slavoj Žižek on the CiF Jewish Belief section.

Žižek‘s commentary,“The vile logic to Anders Breivik choice of target”, we noted, was ostensibly about the Norway terror attack but was actually a vicious anti-Zionist screed (with, at the least, anti-Semitic undertones) by a writer with a well-documented record of advancing even more explicitly Judeophobic narratives.

Here’s the CiF Judaism page as it appeared on Aug. 10th.

Click to enlarge


Upon viewing the same Judaism page today, however, the piece by Žižek‘ was gone.Click to enlarge



Does the deletion, without explanation, imply that a CiF editor independently realized that a staff member made a mistake and decided to correct it?

Or, do CiF editors read CiF Watch?

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