How the Guardian downplays terrorist attack on innocent Israelis

The Guardian’s first story about the multiple Palestinian terrorist attacks near Eilat contained a headline and subheading which clearly tried to downplay the attack – suggesting that the attack was on Israeli soldiers and not civilians.

In fact, the vehicle attacked was a regular Egged 392 bus line between Beersheva and Eilat, and was likely carrying off-duty soldiers as well as civilians on their way to spend some time in the resort town.

While the main story did contain a photo of the bus targeted in the attack, the Guardian’s Israel page used this photo to illustrate the same story.

Now compare this selection with a typical Guardian report on Israeli retaliatory strikes on Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. Here’s one from March, reporting on such an IDF strike following a month which saw a large increase of rocket attacks from Gaza.

So, Guardian editors decided to illustrate a terrorist attack by Palestinian terrorists against Israeli civilians with a seemingly random photo of an IDF soldier on patrol, while Israel’s retaliatory strike against Hamas terrorists is illustrated by a photo of unidentified grieving Palestinian victims.

Also, one of the deadly attacks today involved a rocket fired directly at a civilian vehicle, so any implication that the terrorists behind today’s coordinated assault on Israel were merely targeting combatants is patently false.

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