Guardian reader comment of the day: Gérard Depardieu incontinence edition

Yes, the esteemed actor’s apparent incontinent behavior on board a Paris to Dublin flight on Tuesday was indeed appalling, and upon reading about the inebriated antics of Mr. Depardieu I half expected to see one of the Guardian’s signature morally counter-intuitive, knee jerk defenses of the indefensible, such as “In praise of public urination”.

However, the Guardian decided to ask their readers for examples of “the most appalling things you’ve seen fellow passengers do.”

Upon perusing the various responses offered by readers, I think the award for most shocking sight while in flight was offered by a commenter named “FrothingDrain”, who offered up this horrid tale, which garnered 171 “Recommends”:

While we can’t confirm the specific Guardian issue that the passenger was reading on that fateful flight which FrothingDrain so tragically had to witness, our advanced CiF Watch super computers, which uses a sophisticated patented algorithm to predict likely Guardian text on any given day, produced the following:

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