Comment is Free warns of Islamophobia, and sees no Judeophobia

On Sunday, August 21st, Lauren Booth joined hundreds of marchers at the Al Quds Day terror rally organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London’s Trafalgar Square, who swore their allegiance to Hamas and Hezbollah.

Among the placards seen at the rally, were:

  • “Israel Your Days are Numbered”
  • “Death to Israel”
  • “Down down Israel”
  • “For World Peace Israel Must Be Destroyed”
  • “The World Stopped Nazism, The World Must Stop Zionism”

As the Stephen Roth Institute said of the IHRC:

IHRC is a radical Islamist organization that uses the language and techniques of a human rights lobbying group to promote an extremist agenda. Formed in 1997…the IHRC supports jihad groups around the world, campaigns for the release of convicted terrorists and promotes the notion of a western conspiracy against Islam. [Leaders of the] IHRC subscribe to the radical Islamist belief that Jewish conspiracies are afoot to undermine Muslims, and they liken Jews and Israelis to Nazis. Members of the IHRC’s board of advisors have even called on Muslims to kill Jews.

Typically, the Guardian didn’t so much as mention the organized pro-terror, hate march.

But, on August 23rd they published a commentary at CiF by David Miller, “Thinktanks must drop this Cold War approach to Islamism” which not only downplayed the threat posed by the radicalization of Britain’s Muslims, but argued that the greater threat is the rise of Islamophobia as the result of such anti-radicalization efforts.

Specifically, Miller vilifies “Conservative thinktanks” for ignoring the threat posed by radical right groups, and for focusing so heavily on Islamism, which he breezily dismisses as “the catch-all term for politically active Muslims“, and further warns that such concerns may “end up condemning the peaceful political activism of Muslim groups” – such as, presumably, the “politically active” Muslim groups who “peaceably” marched against Israel’s existence in London’s Trafalgar Square on Sunday.

Miller’s white wash of the threat posed by radical Islam in the UK elicited quite a few comments beneath the line, but one commenter’s take was particularly worth noting, as it represents how such CiF commentary emboldens those who subscribe to such radicalism.

A commenter using the moniker “moretheylie“, had a field day defending Islamism while many who were critical of such views had their comments deleted by CiF moderators.

Here are few of “moretheylie’s comments, which serve as an instructive case study in such a extremist world view.

Here, right away, “moretheylie” leverages the CiF narrative to deflect attention away from radical Islam and pivots nicely to his true aim, Zionists – and makes the ludicrous argument that EDL was created as a street militia for Neocons and Zionists.  

Then, when called out on his gratuitous attack on Zionism, “moretheylie” responds with even more fictitious charges – this time leveling the bizarre accusation that the EDL has forged links with the “(USA) Zionist Federation”.  (Of note, there is no such organization as the the USA Zionist Federation) Again, another off-topic conspiratorial attack on Zionists which was not deleted. 

When again called out on his anti-Israel obsession, he makes a strange and rather telling semantic argument – namely, that he’s not talking about Israel or Jews at all, merely “Zionism”.  

Then, responding to another critique, “moretheylie”, piggybacking on Miller’s downplaying of the radical ideology, suggests that “Islamism”, as its commonly understood, is a mere figment of the “Neocon” imagination.

Then, when called out on the extreme homophobia practiced in states informed by Islamic law, “moretheylie” reassured readers that gays are executed in Iran not due to their homosexual orientation per se, but, rather, their homosexual acts – which, I’m sure, is very comforting for Iran’s LGBT community!

Finally, “moretheylie”, and the author of the CiF essay, is challenged on their refusal even to accept that that Islamism is distinct from Muslims, nor that you can be highly critical of the former without demonizing the latter. And, “moretheylie’s” reply: That “neocon” journalists and the Zionist Federation propagate lies about Islamism, which is merely a construct, and that this cabal is responsible for the terrorist acts of  Anders Behring Brevik.

Comment is Free: clearly the platform of choice for Islamist apologists and anti-Zionist conspirators.   

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