Jody McIntyre, shunned by mainstream media after his pro-riot activism, welcomed by the Guardian

After Jody McIntyre was axed by the Independent, Huffington Post, and Channel 4 for inciting Brits to join the devastating UK riots, we, at CiF Watch, joked among ourselves that it was only a matter of time before the Guardian offered him a forum.

Well, one thing I’ll say about the Guardian is that they never disappoint and, at times, their behavior is beyond even the silliest parody or satire that we could possibly conjure.

True to form, and quite comically, the Guardian indeed sought out McIntyre’s sage advice (on the issue of proper police procedure!) in “Riot cases take the legal fast track but guess who’s still waiting for justice?”, Aug. 26.

McIntyre, whose pro-riot Tweets during the height of the violence – as well as his earlier expressed desire to set London alight” – would seem to render any commentary on proper policing techniques, let’s just say, a bit skewed, clearly remains unapologetic and undeterred.

So, without an ounce of remorse for having attempted to further flame the destruction and violence on London streets which raged for days – and, which included assaults on police and firemen – plays the role of victim in launching his rhetorical assault against UK Authorities.

McIntyre’s piece begins by leveraging his encounter with London police on Dec. 9th (during the riots inspired by protests over increased college tuition), in which he was arrested for ignoring repeated polite requests by police to clear the street, and audaciously demands, from police, an apology for their behavior during the encounter.

McIntyre’s scattered polemic further mocks portrayals of the rioters, by the UK media, as “mindless thugs” , condemns the UK’s participation in recent military actions against Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi (see him spouting pro-Gaddafi propaganda here), and, most audaciously, engages in another rhetorical assault which has the effect of undermining, and inciting against, the beleaguered UK police.

Says, McIntyre:

Hundreds of people have died in police custody in recent years, but no officers have been successfully prosecuted. The government has no moral authority to condemn human rights abuses in other countries, let alone send SAS forces and humanitarian bombs to “protect” those rights, when our own police force, or “forces loyal to Cameron” in BBC-speak, are committing crimes in our own country. [emphasis mine]

The riots, which McIntyre attempted to stoke, it should be noted, resulted in 186 police injuries (including many head injuries), 16 civilian injuries, 5 deaths, and millions of Pounds worth of property damage to homes and businesses. 

While the Guardian’s sympathetic portrayal of the rioters, in reports, editorials, and commentary, is itself quite revealing about what has become of the far left, McIntyre’s insistence on his own immutable victimhood, and belief that he, at this point, possesses even an ounce of moral authority on the issues of civility, responsibility, law and order is beyond caricature.

McIntyre is the perfect embodiment of the extreme political pathos which informs the ideology known as the Guardian Left, and so we can likely expect to see his “liberal” voice again at Comment is Free.

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