Update on anti-Israel Twitterer who claimed to work for BBC: Twitter suspends the account.

As we noted on Aug. 22:

A Twitterer, @one_uk, who describes him/herself as a Research Correspondent for the BBC’s The One Show, and who characterized his/her Twitter mission as “Trying to present a better image of the UK”, interjected [anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian Tweets] during the course of an exchange CiF Watch had with Yvonne Ridley (of Iranian PressTV fame) about the recent Palestinian terrorist attacks in Eilat which left 8 Israelis dead.

Here’s the one especially offensive Tweet by @one_uk, which the Twitterer eventually deleted.

After the post, we heard from an official at the BBC informing us that the account is not owned by the BBC, upon which I asked if there may be someone who works for the BBC who may own that twitter account, and received a reply that Twitter was investigating the matter.

While, as of yesterday, the Twitterer was still Tweeting using BBC’s “The One Show” graphic, today the account has disappeared.  When I try to open the link to @one_uk, I get the following:

Of course, such a suspension doesn’t necessarily mean the user isn’t indeed employed by the BBC, only that the user likely violated Twitter rules by implying, in his or her profile, that this was an official BBC Twitter account, which it clearly wasn’t.  

We’ll keep you posted if we learn anything more about the identity of @one_uk.

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