What the Guardian won’t report: Jordanian actors boycott arts festival because head of production org is a Jew

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Most of the artists (and their unions) invited to perform at the 27th annual Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts, in July 2008, pulled out of the event at the last minute after it was discovered that the French production company running the festival was headed by a Jew.  No, not an Israeli, but a Jew.


We’ve reported previously on Pew Global Opinion polls conducted between 2006 and 2011 demonstrating that “moderate” Jordan is actually – even by the standards of the Arab world – one of the most antisemitic countries in the region, with 1 or 2% of Jordanians surveyed expressing favorable views towards Jews.

No, I’m not surprised.

But, it’s shameful that such news of a society imbued with such classic antisemitism is rarely if ever reported by the mainstream media – let alone by Harriet Sherwood and the Guardian.

The narrative of endemic Zionist racism is often advanced based on the most flimsy and anecdotal evidence – reports and commentary which ignore the undeniable reality of Israeli tolerance: Israeli ethnic and racial diversity, and religious freedom which stands in stark contrast with their neighbors in the region.

How then to describe a Jordanian society where hatred against Jews – not merely Israelis, but Jews anywhere in the world – is not only acceptable but is normative behavior?

This is a question, perhaps, Harriet Sherwood may want to begin asking the next time she vacations in Petra, Amman, or Aqaba.

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