Guardian live blog on Abbas’s UN statehood efforts quotes Palestinian waiting to “launch third intifada”

The Guardian’s Live Blog, by Peter Walkerabout UN discussions regarding Palestinian UDI added an update at 12:25 PM which included the following quote by a 28-year-old Palestinian named Bilal Quran.

So, I wondered, when precisely will Mr. Quran launch another violent Palestinian assault on my fellow Israeli citizens at cafes, bus stops, wedding halls and pizza parlors?  

Luckily, this “veteran” of the 2nd Intifada – a four-year campaign of terror which resulted in the murder of over 1000 Israelis – suggests that the next glorious Palestinian revolution may have to wait.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Mr. Quran, evidently, couldn’t possibly launch another deadly Intifada against the evil Zionist occupiers until he receives free medical care from them.

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