Guardian readers note CiF Watch’s presence, & object to our suggestion that blood libel against Jews is false

As a follow-up to our post earlier, “CiF piece critical of Gilad Atzmon elicits storm of antisemitic comments, including organ theft libels“, we observed that some CiF readers have taken notice of our blog.

And, then there was this, by a commenter praising CiF Watch for holding CiF Moderators accountable:

Finally, here’s a comment by “wh1952″,  a reader who evidently was shocked to learn that his/her pro blood libel comment was noted by CiF Watch:

Here is the comment in question, by “wh1952“, which we published in our previous post:

Yes, as you can clearly see, our blog is so politically correct that we would condemn “out of hand” the charge that Israel murders Palestinians for the purpose of harvesting their organs.

Do charges by Alison Weir (and other sensitive anti-Zionist souls) that the medieval blood libel against Jews may indeed by historically accurate, and may help explain the recent organ harvesting charges against Israel, “have legs”?

Inquiring, un-PC, open-minded, liberal Guardian Left readers want to know.

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