Guardian story on Israeli winning Nobel Prize elicits rage by commenter at Zionist bias of Nobel Committee

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Us CiF Watchers “all over the world” were just waiting for the furious reaction by Guardian readers beneath the line of “Nobel Prize in Chemistry — Live Blog“, Guardian, Oct. 5, when they announced that an Israeli named Daniel Shechtman won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of quasicrystals

Sure enough, we didn’t have to wait long.

Yes, the Nobel Committee is definitely institutionally biased in favor of intelligence, ingenuity, and creativity, but my guess is that this isn’t the bias Bassim was talking about. 

Helpfully, another commenter asked for clarification:

Luckily, Bassim cleared it up for us:

Yes, we Israelis are f”ing the world all the time with our COLONIALIST patents and IMPERIALIST scientific & medical innovations.  

It’s just kind of who we are.

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