What the Guardian won’t report. Terrorist responsible for Sbarro massacre: “I’d do it again.”

Here is Frimet Roth writing in today’s Ha’aretz about the impending release of Ahlam Tamimi, the woman responsible for the suicide attack which killed the Roths’ fifteen year old daughter, Malka, along with 14 other innocent men, women and children who were having lunch at the Jerusalem Sbarro’s in 2001:

I am writing these words moments after belatedly watching a recorded video that went to air on Israel’s Channel 2 News on Friday night.

It shows the Hamas terrorist, Ahlam Tamimi, being asked: “Do you feel sorry for what you did?”

She answers her interviewer without a trace of hesitation:. “No. Why should I feel sorry?”

The interviewer persists: “Would you do it again if you had the chance?” Her unwavering response: “Yes.”

Tamimi was reaffirming the declaration she made originally in 2006: “I do not regret what I did”, is the way she put it then.

It also should be noted that one day before the terror attack in the town of Itamar in which five members of an Israeli family were murdered in their home, state-run Palestinian TV broadcast a program honoring Ahlam Tamimi.

Here is the certificate awarded by the PA to Tamimi’s accomplice the day before the Itamar massacre:

The certificate above refers to Tamimi as “the heroic prisoner” and is decorated with photographs of Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad, the Fatah logo, and a photograph of Tamimi.

The text, per a translation by Palestinian Media Watch, reads:

“A gift of the Fatah Palestinian National Liberation Movement
Ramallah – El-Bireh branch
To the heroic prisoner Ahlam Tamimi
As a token of esteem for your sacrifices
And your acts of heroism.”

The impending release of Tamimi is an unimaginable moral offense against the Roth family.

Moreover, the lionization of such cold-blooded terrorists by Palestinians and their supporters speaks volumes of a movement which – contrary to constant protestations on the pages of the Guardian to the contrary – has little or nothing to do with freedom, human rights, or liberalism.  

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