Within 24 hours of CiF Watch post, Guardian removes Gilad Atzmon’s book from their online shop.

While we’re, of course, not privy to the Guardian’s decision-making process, within 24 hours of our post about their promotion of Gilad Atzmon’s book (The wandering who?) on their online shop, as well as complaints by other concerned parties, the Guardian has removed the title from their online store.

The Guardian bookshop page which, as of yesterday, promoted the Atzmon book, now shows this when you try to open the link:

As we noted yesterday, they not only sold the book by the virulently antisemitic writer but added a synopsis which read:

“An explosive unique crucial book tackling the issues of Jewish identity Politics and ideology and their global influence.

Indeed, this chilling quote could have been written by Atzmon himself who, as we posted previously, has, on his website, literally accused Jews of controlling the world and characterized antisemitism as an understandable reaction to Jewish villainy.

Atzmon’s antisemitism is as explicit as what’s found on white supremacist websites, and I think even those who don’t always agree with CiF Watch’s take on the Guardian should be disturbed that Atzmon’s explicit antisemitism didn’t render him toxic to a media group which fancies itself a “liberal” institution. 

Our thanks to everyone who Tweeted our post, contacted the Guardian’s readers editor, or otherwise assisted in promoting the story. 


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