Shalit after Hamas captivity vs Palestinian terrorists after Israeli incarceration: A visual/moral contrast

Per AP 

GAZA CITY, Gaza City – A leader of the Palestinian militant group that captured the Israeli soldier swapped this week for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners said Saturday that the soldier was treated well during his captivity.

Zuhair Al-Qaisi of the Popular Resistance Committees told The Associated Press that Gilad Schalit was given sufficient food and allowed to watch Hebrew-language TV.

Schalit was notably gaunt, pale and exhausted when he was freed. His father says his son is suffering from malnutrition, the effects of isolation and lack of exposure to sun and also wounds sustained during his capture that had not been treated properly. Noam Schalit also said his son “endured harsh things” in his more than five years of captivity in Gaza.

Al-Qaisi dismissed the accusations, saying that Schalit was provided food that “fits him as a Jew,” by which he appeared to mean kosher food….”

“The way Schalit looked when he was released proved that he was treated well,” said Al-Qaisi.

However, look at the following.

Note Schalit’s appearance during the infamous Egyptian TV interview, and then later when he was finally on Israeli soil:

Does Gilad Schalit look fit, well-fed and cared for?  Does he seem to be as healthy as the terrorists kept at the Israeli taxpayers’ expense?

Judge for yourselves from the Palestinian photographs below.  Note the significant difference between the appearance of the freed Palestinians and that of Schalit. 

(Note also that these photographs, by Talla Photography, were taken from pro-Palestinian web pages.  I collected them so that, despite the bizarre accusations circulating that the photographs and film footage of Schalit had been doctored to make him look more unwell than he actually was, there can be no credible claims that these photographs have been altered by the Palestinian media to make the subjects look fit, well, suntanned and healthy) :

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