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As Robin Shepherd recently observed in The Commentator “No mainstream media outfit in the Western world has been more hostile to Israel than the Guardian group.”  

And, while it may be true that not ALL anti-Zionism is informed by antisemitism, research has clearly demonstrated an overwhelming correlation between the two – which helps contextualize the Guardian’s decision to provide a platform to two of the most prolific antisemites of our day, Alison Weir and Gilad Atzmon.

Weir, it should be noted, has the noble distinction of supporting the antisemitic blood libel, while Atzmon routinely advances extreme Judeophobic narratives – including the explicit belief that Jews are indeed trying to take over the world – which are nearly indistinguishable from classic far right and fascist antisemitism.

These hate mongers however, are also advocates for the Palestinian cause and thus represent, to Guardian editors, views which are arguably consistent with their understanding of liberal opinion – representing a disturbing propensity by the Guardian left to justify or at least overlook Jew hatred as long as such animosity is properly framed within an anti-imperialist or anti-colonialist narrative.  

This blog is dedicated to the modest proposition that such hatred against Jews, whether emanating from the right or the left, is never justified, is inherently inconsistent with genuine progressive thought, and must always be exposed and combated.

Featured posts

Guardian provides platform to Alison Weir, blood libel promoter
Alison Weir’s essay in CounterPunch, in 2009, advancing the bizarre and hideous charge that Israel was murdering Palestinians to harvest their organs has been characterized as, perhaps, the first instance of an American leftist media outlet promoting the historic antisemitic blood libel. Recently, the Guardian decided that her “progressive” voice needed to be heard.  

Guardian provides platform to vicious antisemite, Gilad Atzmon
Gilad Atzmon is a caricature of the antisemitic left. His Judeophobic narratives include Holocaust denial and the explicit charge that “American Jews (in fact Zionists) do control the world.” Yet, the Guardian decided that his unique understanding of the threat posed by Jewry was worth publishing.  

Guardian removes antisemitic book by Gilad Atzmon from their online shop within 24 hours of CiF Watch post
After negative publicitity as the result of a CiF Watch post alerting our readers that the Guardian was carrying a title by Gilad Atzmon, they removed the title from their online shop.  While we’re of course glad the book was removed, you’d think that the book’s synopsis itself – “An explosive unique crucial book tackling the issues of Jewish…ideology and their global influence” – would have rendered the author and title toxic to a media group which fancies itself as a liberal instiution.

Andy Newman’s socialism of fools: The remarkable staying power of leftist antisemitism
This guest post by Anglo-Israeli writer Hadar Sela eloquently deconstructs the logic which informs leftist anti-Zionism.

Guardian amends text in story in response to complaint by CiF Watch
It’s not often that the Guardian admits error. Yet, due to a complain by CiF Watch regarding Guardian’s reporter Chris McGreal’s characterization of a U.S. President’s support for Israel which was indistinguishable from classic antisemitic narratives of excessive Jewish control, the offensive text was revised.

Conspiracy theories and Comment is Free (Part 1 Part 2)
This two-part guest post by Mitnaged serves as a political and psychological analysis of the dynamics which inform CiF readers’ ubiquitous antisemitic and anti-Zionist conspiratorial narratives.

The callous disregard for Israeli life by the Guardian’s Harriet Sherwood
A guest post by AKUS exposes the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent’s egregious moral double standards when reporting about Israeli and Palestinian suffering.

Want to protect yourself from an antisemitic mob? Order our new “I’m not a Jew gear” today!
This guest post by Armaros represents a bit of gallows humor in the face of the virulent antisemitism in the Arab world, and was specifically inspired by the recent attack in Cairo, by an antisemitic mob, of a BBC journalist who they erroneously believed to be Jewish.

CiF Watch cited in Daily Mail:

Melanie Phillips, in a blog post at The Daily Mail on Oct. 10th titled “The murderous vacuum in the Middle East”, positively cited a CiF Watch post which called out the Guardian for a completely unsubstantiated allegation that “settlers” were behind a recent incident in the Israeli city of Jaffa in which Arab tombstones were vandalized.

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