‘Comment is Free’ Land: Here be Jews…

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Say you’re the Israel correspondent for an increasingly irrelevant, ideologically driven, UK broadsheet.

And, you’ve noticed that, though you continually strive to maintain a veneer of respectable journalism, when offered the opportunity to comment beneath your anti-Zionist polemics, your readers typically unleash a fury of off-topic vitriol against Jews.  

What are you to do?

Well, you begin by not allowing comments beneath your posts.  And, then you attempt to soften your image by introducing an “apolitical” blog, focused on Israeli human interest stories which are sure to prevent the kind of shrill, obnoxious, uninformed Judeophobic remarks which are injurious to your liberal street cred.

But, tragically, you notice that folks who look at your newspaper for moral guidance in this maddeningly complicated Zionist universe we live in simply aren’t interested in attempts to humanize Israelis, and the paucity of comments are quite embarrassing.

So, what are you now to do to generate interest? 

The surest way to garner page views?  Well, of course!  Write a story about a few religiously extreme Israelis who hold morally indefensible views about young girls, women, and immodesty, and hysterically frame those marginal few as representing nothing short of a battle for Israel’s very soul. (The battle of Bet Shemesh, Guardian, Oct. 31)

Sure enough, the regular band of Judeo-obsessed Guardian sycophants pounce at the first sign of such a Zionist straw man, and begin to name and shame those on the thread who would defend the indefensible.  Except that, well, nobody on the thread actually defended the antagonists in Sherwood’s tale.

But, no worry mate. This isn’t the impassable rhetorical obstacle it appears to be, as the following Guardian reader, using the moniker “FrankyValley”, cleverly demonstrates:

Jews on these threads? Defending perverts?

A heterodox CiF commenter, “HushedSilence”, then inquired:

But, undeterred, Mr. Valley would not back down:

Finally, the following, by “Pretzelberg” – sounds Jewish to me! – asked:

Indeed.  While I’m no computer nerd, I’ve been using the internet long enough to realize that if you hover your cursor in just the right location near a moniker on a CiF comment thread there quickly appears the universal avatar for all Jews, their apologists, and general Zionist/Hasbara/CiF Watch trolls.

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