Palestinians turn their backs on latest flotilla stunt (Media outnumber protesters in Ramallah by 8 to 1)

A guest post by AKUS

Very few people in the world are aware that there is another “flotilla” of two ships that are trying to embarrass Israel by getting themselves intercepted by the Israeli Navy before they reach Gaza.

So it was quite fascinating to stumble across some Tweets from Linah Alsaafin, a blogger at Electronic Intifada who composes her tweets from the luxurious suburbs of what she refers to as “A Bantustan called Ramallah”. Of course, if she were in a Bantustan she would be living in a rondavel with no plumbing, but her Bantustan has all mod cons it appears, including Internet access and bottled water.

One of the great benefits of Twitter is the way it reveals the hasty thoughts that that a tweeter blurts out when in a more measured effort they might conceal some of their inner thoughts. Most recently, it seems Linah has been having a few problems with her Bantustani internet and had to make do with her smart phone. She expresses the horror of her life in a terse tweet:

(khara =shitty – zift – well, you don’t have to be a New York Jew let alone a West Bank Arab to know the meaning of that word, so representative of oppression in Ramallah).

Now, Linah wants the world to know that she is not interested in merely turning the Bantustan in which she lives into Palestine – she wants it all. A real peacenik:

Linah sees herself on the forefront of those opposing the blockade of Gaza, and sent out a call for the masses to appear in Gaza to cheer the comrades on:

Best friend Ben White added his two cents worth, hoping for blood in the water:

Sadly, disappointment awaited Linah. Perhaps some of the West Bank Arabs are not overly concerned about what goes on in Gaza – after all, they are two largely unrelated groups of people, and, in many cases, deadly enemies. But the good news is that the media were out in force helping to swell the very thin ranks. In fact – can six people even be called a rank? Or only if there are eight times as many photographers as protesters?

Before she could consider the effect her revelations might have on world opinion – if no one reads a tweet, did it really ever leave the smart phone? – she comes out with this hasty series of tweets. In another world, these tweets would have meant the Gulag for her for undermining solidarity and the objective reality that even six people is a huge demonstration when photographed from the correct angle!

Let down by the masses who were supposed to show the UN exactly what the citizens of Ramallah think of the blockade, Linah lets us know how disappointed she is:

Yes, it’s sad when so many people recognize Western publicity hounds for what they are, and decide they do not need “help” like this.

Meanwhile, at sea, the hysteria is mounting – the dream of dying gloriously in a “massacre” is alive and well:

(Anyone who remembers Bill Maher’s brilliant skits about Crazy Ahmed will love that moniker!).

So tune in tomorrow to see if Linah’s cries to the world have had the desired effect, and millions march in Ramallah. You can spot her in the crowd easily – she’s the one wearing the traditional Bantustan dress and Armani sunglasses of the oppressed, clutching a water bottle to demonstrate how scarce water is in the Bantustan:

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