Anti-Zionist CiF commenter accuses CiF Watch of the insidious tactic of trying to “sway” opinion

Well, it’s good to see that CiF moderators are not necessarily deleting every reference to our blog.

Beneath Guardian Readers’ Editor Chris Elliott’s post, “on averting accusations of antisemitism“, which made a clear reference to our blog – “organisations monitoring the Guardian’s coverage examine the language in articles and the comments posted underneath them online…as closely as the facts” – which we’ll comment on soon, were a few interesting comments.

This one by serial Israel hater, Berchmans, did contain the odious suggestion, which he’s leveled before, that Zionists cynically “use” the Holocaust to deflect criticism of Israel, but also leveled an accusation which is just funny.

Do you hear that?  He’s “accusing” CiF Watch of the evidently unique Zionist tactic of “trying to sway opinion”.

Next, we’ll no doubt be accused of the colonialist methods of employing facts, logic and common sense in defense of Israel.

Berchmans’ dire warning of our Hasbara infiltration received 72 recommends. 

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