CiF Watch post “Better Jews: The moral vanity of Israel’s leftist Jewish critics” wins essay contest

Here’s Jonathon Narvey, editor of the online magazine “The Propagandist“:

The 2nd Annual Essay Contest for The Propagandist introduced us to some excellent works by our regular contributors as well as first-time pundits. Our readers were treated to critical analysis of issues as far-ranging as Turkey’s democratic drift, the threat of jihadism in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden and the consequences of the Arab Spring.

Without further ado, the winning submission of the 2nd Annual Essay Contest for The Propagandist is (drumroll, please)…

Here’s an excerpt:

“This recurring tendency of Jews, such as Murane, to pay greater attention to their own moral performance than to the necessities of survival is a trait which Ruth Wisse characterizes as “moral solipsism”.

In displaying the resilience necessary to survive in exile, many Jews have come to fetishize weakness, and believe that they could pursue their mission as a “light unto the nations” on a purely moral plane.

However, Jewish history has surely shown that such weakness only increased Jews’ vulnerability to scapegoating and violence.

Yes, with national sovereignty there is a price that has to be paid in terms of the occasional infliction of human suffering (even if unintentional) that invariably occurs as the result of even the most responsible and restrained use of national power.

But in the lives of individual adults, as in the lives of responsible nations, rarely is there the luxury of making choices that will lead to perfect justice for all concerned.”

The runner-up in the judging was:

Thanks to all of our participants who wrote so eloquently for the cause!

And, here’s a personal thanks to The Propagandist for inspiring me to think through, and express, an idea I had been mulling over for quite a while, and to the the other talented writers who I competed against. 

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