H/T Elder of Ziyon

The degree and volume of Judeophobic commentary emanating from the Arab/Muslim world is, according to the most prolific scholar on antisemitism today, Professor Robert Wistrich, comparable to that of Nazi Germany at its worst.

Polls consistently demonstrates that antisemitism is morally normative in the Arab/Muslim world, and represents one of the most under-criticized racist phenomena of our day.  

If we lived in a world where anti-racists were true to their cause, the culture, nation, and region where such insidious narratives about Jews (seen below) escaped public opprobrium would be held accountable, named and shamed.

However, we clearly don’t live in such a world. 

As MEMRI noted:

When moderate Arabs in moderate Kuwait sat to relax and watch their moderate TV stations last Friday, they got to watch this moderate cleric.