Occupy the Guardian! Editor Alan Rusbridger vs. the proverbial 99% (and Christmas!)

H/T Guido Fawkes

On Nov. 22, the Guardian published the following.

The report cited a government commission on the injurious effects of high executive pay which concluded:

  • High pay is “corrosive” to the UK economy.
  • “Employees should sit on remuneration committees.”
  • “Companies should be forced to publish a pay ratio between the highest paid executive and the company median.”
  • The widening gap between the average British salary and CEOs at the top is a significant problem and we “have seen extreme increases in top executive pay of late which appear to be completely unrelated to the performance of companies.”

How seriously does the crusading liberal Guardian take such populist sentiment?

Well, the most recent figures show that Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger earned a total annual compensation package in 2010 of £605,000.

As the average British salary is £25,900, Rusbridger’s compensation is 23 times that of the average worker. 

Rusbridger performing on the Piano with fellow corporate leaders and CEOs, just like most ordinary folks do: http://www.pianolotmusic.com/articles_alanrusbridger.htm

Further, Rusbridger’s compensation has risen a dramatic 80% since 2001, though the Guardian Media Group continues to hemorrhage money – losing over £54 million in 2010 alone.

Things have gotten so bad at the Guardian that they even cancelled their annual company Christmas lunch this year, prompting CiF religion correspondent Riazat Butt to Tweet:

And, I think we can all agree that the Christmas classic needed to be updated.

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