On Dec. 5 CiF Watch published a cross-post about a report detailing a wave of rapes in Norway – disproportionately committed by the nation’s (largely Muslim) immigrant population – which claimed that Norwegian ministers complained that the report would have the effect of benefiting “Israel and their policy of occupation.”

Th post, titled “Norwegian leaders complain that report on wave of Muslims raping non-Muslims serves Israel’s policy of occupation”, was based on a report by a source which, it turned out later, was not reliable.

Upon being notified by Norwegian journalists that the story wasn’t true, and unsuccessfully attempting to independently corroborate the source’s claim, I made the decision to remove the post.

While Norwegian anti-Zionism is certainly especially egregious by any standard, there is no evidence that this particular charge against Norwegian leaders is true and I therefore apologize unreservedly for publishing the post.

(If you wish to follow a site which reports on the state of antisemitism and anti-Zionism in Norway, I’d recommend the blog, Israel, Norway and the Jews.)