Breathtaking Hypocrisy Watch: Per Guardian/AP, Palestinians accuse Gingrich of ‘Incitement’

Say what you will about Newt Gingrich’s remarks during a U.S. interview that Palestinians are an invented people, but the following passage from a Guardian/AP report, “Gingrich stands by ‘invented’ people remark“, December 11, truly delves the depths of hypocrisy.

“Palestinian officials reacted furiously Saturday to Gingrich’s earlier comments, accusing the Republican presidential hopeful of incitement and staging a “cheap stunt” to court the Jewish vote.”

So, the Palestinians, who consistently deny the Jewish connection to Israel; deny Israel’s right to exist, promote terrorism and glorify terrorists who murder innocent Jews; promote virulent antisemitism in their schools, mosques, and popular media; and deny the Holocaust suddenly have discovered the dangers of incitement!

Here’s just one of thousands of examples of antisemitic incitement documented by sites such as Palestinian Media Watch.

This, from Hamas TV, is a music video showing a young daughter of suicide terrorist promising to follow in her mother’s footsteps.


On a hunch, I placed the terms “Palestinian incitement” in the Guardian’s search engine, and got all of 6 hits going back to 2001.

Indeed, when Chris Elliott issued his quasi mea culpa, “On averting accusations of antisemitism” in Nov., warning Guardian writers to avoid using language which is “resonant of antisemitism”, he only addressed a small part of the overall problem at his paper.

A problem at the Guardian and ‘Comment is Free’ much more egregious than expressions of explicit antisemitism by their writers is the paper’s recurring tendency to avoid reporting the well-documented antisemitic record of the “progressive” protagonists of their reports and commentaries – particularly, but not exclusively, pertaining to the Arab/Muslim/Palestinian world.

As such, the Guardian’s continuing antisemitic sins of omission when promoting the Palestinian cause represents the nadir of such journalistic dishonesty, and prevents any realistic understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian (and Israeli-Islamist) Conflict.

Contrary to the comments by U.S. Ambassador Howard Gutman last week about Muslim antisemitism, such hatred towards Jews isn’t created by the conflict, it is the root cause of the conflict.

Palestinian complaints of incitement about the comments of one American politician are as dishonest as they are supremely cynical.

(UPDATE: A new Guardian report on the row over Gingrich’s comments quotes chief Palestinian negotiator and serial liar Saeb Erekat – also see here – complaining that the comments were “an incitement to terror.”)

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