Tell us why you love Israel…in as many words as you like! #WhyILoveIsrael

In response to a characteristically odious Twitter campaign by anti-Israel activists using the hashtag #Israelkills, a very successful counter pro-Israel campaign was launched with the hashtag #IsraelLoves.

So, I began thinking that we often need to stop playing defense to the vicious and, often, morally unserious charges of anti-Zionists.

Further, though going on the offense against our bigoted enemies certainly has its place, we should spend more time stating simply and clearly why we passionately, and without qualifications, defend Israel and the inalienable rights of the Jewish people:

Tell us why you love Israel.

Below is a great video of pro-Israel (#IsraelLoves) Tweets to set the tone.

And, while you can certainly Tweet your response to us (@cifwatch) using the hashtag #WhyILoveIsrael if you’d like, if you don’t want to be constrained by the character limits imposed by Twitter, please use as much space as required to express what Israel means to you in our comment section.

The commentary chosen by our esteemed group of judges (CiF Watch volunteers) to be the most eloquent and inspiring will be published at this blog as a stand alone post – using your own name or, if you choose, under a pseudonym.

(Entries must be submitted by Thursday, Dec. 29, at midnight.)

Am Y’srael Chai!


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