CiF Watch Chanukah Appeal 2011


CiF Watch has developed a reputation as the leading monitor of the Guardian, and its blog ‘Comment is Free’, exposing and combating their assault on Israel’s legitimacy, and tolerance of antisemitism.

So, if you believe that this blog’s mission is valuable, please consider a donation in support of our Chanukah 2011 Appeal, which seeks to raise $10,000 to support our hard-hitting essays and reporting (directly from Israel) which helps hold the Guardian accountable.

Donations are made through our fiscal sponsor, Myths and Facts, Inc., a private 501(c)(3) not for profit.

Click this link to make a tax-deductible donation to CiF Watch.

Some highlights from 2011:

1.CiF Watch is ranked 23 in the Technorati Top 100 World Political Blogs category, with only two other overtly pro-Israel blogs ranking higher.

2. CiF Watch was responsible for having the new Gilad Atzmon book removed from the on-line bookstore of the Guardian and causing the Guardian much embarrassment in the process.

3. CiF Watch was at the forefront of taking Guardian columnist Deborah Orr to task over her use of the antisemitic chosen people trope, which resulted in an apology from the columnist and favorable publicity for CiF Watch. 

4. Evidence that the Guardian takes our criticisms seriously can be found in a recent essay by the paper’s readers’ editor, Chris Elliott, titled “on averting the charge of antisemitism”. Elliott wrote: “organizations monitoring the Guardian’s coverage examine the language in articles (and the comments posted underneath them on-line) as closely as the facts.” – a clear reference to our blog. This Guardian mea culpa was reported by The CommentatorThe Jewish Chronicle, Honest Reporting, and Ha’aretz

As our reputation, web traffic and social media presence have grown, we still rely on our faithful friends (who have followed us since our inception) to continue fighting the good fight against antisemitism: a bigotry which Professor Robert Wistrich has characterized as “the world’s longest hatred.”

This blog’s dogged determination to take on the Guardian continues to demonstrate what the powerless few can do against the powerful many – genuine grassroots activism at its finest.

Adam Levick
Jerusalem, Israel

What More Can You Do?

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