Guardian “Moderate” Islamism Update: Tunisians greet Hamas leader with chants of “Kill the Jews!”

H/T Bataween and Michele

Per the blog, Point of No Return:

Cries of ‘Out with the Jews!’, ‘Kill the Jews!’ greeted the arrival at Tunis airport of the Hamas chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh…

A few hundred people gathered on 5 January at the Tunis-Carthage airport to welcome Haniyeh. As they waited for him they sang antisemitic chants and slogans to the glory of Palestine and the liberation of Gaza. They carried Palestinian flags, the flags of the Ennahda movement, and the black flags of the Salafists.


A couple of reminders:

The Guardian characterized Rached Ghannouchi (after his Ennahda Party won the Tunisian elections) as ushering in to Tunisia a “moderate” brand of Islamism.

The Guardian’s Jonathan Steele, in Oct., complained that secular (anti-Islamist) Muslim parties which competed in the Tunisian elections were playing on Islamophobia by warning of the threats posed by Islamist parties such as Ennahda. 

CiF’s Rachel Shabi, in her shameful apologia, on Dec. 27, for the ethnic cleansing of Jews by Arab leaders, wrote the following:

Tunisian Jews, a deeply rooted but diminished community of fewer than 2,000 people (once numbering more than 100,000), are integrated and involved…Tunisia’s President Marzouki has said that Jews who left the country are welcome to return – powerful words that carry trailblazing possibilities. 

Interestingly, a professional Arabic translator has informed us that the following can also be heard in the above clip:

Killing the Jews is a must!” (0:16)

Crowd:”Duty”  [wajib] (It is a duty)

“Chasing away the Jews is a must!” (0:20)


Yes, the “new”, trailblazing, down-right philosemitic brand of Tunisian Islamism, which inspires its Muslims to “moderately” call for the murder of the country’s Jews. 

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