The Iranian Guardians: CiF readers come out in force to demonize Israel, & defend Islamist regime

Perhaps to fill their quota of CiF essays not viscerally hostile to the U.S., and Israel’s very existence, the Guardian published “A covert campaign is the only way stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions“, by Andrew Cummings – an adviser on the Middle East and US affairs in the UK cabinet office national security staff. 

Cummings argues that a negotiated settlement needs a comprehensive strategy, including covert action, increasingly robust sanctions, along with a credible threat of military action.

The author also pointed out the following politically inconvenient fact:

“Through the Revolutionary Guards, “Iran has been responsible for increasing the efficacy of insurgent improvised bombs in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It has helped to prop up Bashar al-Assad’s murderous regime in Syria and has a track record of attempting to assassinate or imprison its enemies – both at home and abroad.”

True to form, the merry band of Iran defenders whose Guardian-style politics can be pretty much summed up as “the enemy of the US and Israel are by definition deserving of sympathy”, immediately pounced on Cummings’ heterodox pro-Western views, often leveling clear ad hominem attacks on the author which have curiously not been deleted.

(I’ve read the first 202 comments posted thus far, and would gauge those militantly opposed to Cummings’ views in the 90-95% range, many of which are openly hostile to any suggestion that the West should challenge Iran’s aspirations for regional hegemony.)

Cummings is a Mossad agent who should be imprisoned or exiled (12 Recommends, not deleted)

Another accusation that Cummings is a Mossad Agent (10 Recommends)

U.S. and Israel are terrorists and war criminals (41 recommends)

The U.S. and Israel are a blight on the human race (22 recommends) 

Iran should be seen as a check against the bullying and hegemony of the U.S and its allies. (23 Recommends)

Cummings is closer to an al-Qaeda terrorist than a civilized human being (25 Recommends)

Israel is an aggressive, jingoistic country which constantly murders innocent civilians (6 Recommends)

Cites conspiracy theory, including the suggestion that Israel lobby is behind assassinations

Perhaps Israeli leaders should be assassinated (8 Recommends)

And, finally, for some comic relief, here’s Berchmans, on the secret war mongering agenda of the “buffoons” at (multiple?) anti-CiF sites!

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