Antisemitism below the line at CiF: Jewish control of US policy, & Jews’ insidious practice of usury

Simon Tisdall’s “Drumbeat of war with Iran has a familiar sound“, CiF, Feb. 24, included these passages:

A recent analysis of US public opinion revealed deeply ambivalent attitudes on Iran, with the majority of Americans apparently favouring diplomatic solutions. Yet as Republican presidential candidates exploit the issue, as the Israelis lobby America, and as Iranian factions manoeuvre ahead of parliamentary polls, the likelihood grows that doves and doubters will again be either converted or ignored.

Netanyahu’s belief that Israel faces an imminent, existential threat is visceral rather than fact-based.

Tisdall’s piece elicited this on the Gaza “concentration camp” and the Jewish state’s violation of the Ten Commandments. 

Ed Husain’s CiF commentary, “GOP debate foreign policy: prolific proliferators of confusion“, warned that GOP Presidential candidates’ bellicose rhetoric on the Iranian nuclear issue was evidence of an “Israel-centric” bias.

Husain’s piece elicited these:

On Israel’s manipulation of U.S. government policy, and a bonus reference to the conspiratorial belief, still popular among antisemitic sites, that Israel intentionally sank the USS Liberty.

Zionist lobbies dictate what the US believes about the Middle East.

Another commenter on Zionist control of U.S. foreign policy.

Finally, there was Nushin Arbabzadah‘sThe story of the Afghan Jews is one of remarkable tolerance“, Feb. 28, which included this passage:

The Afghans’ isolation from the rest of the world was a blessing in disguise for the Jewish community because being cut off from global political trends meant that ordinary Afghans were untouched by the raging, European-led, antisemitism of the early 20th century. Even at the height of the Nazi influence in Kabul of the 1930s, it was Afghan nationalism rather than antisemitism that led the government to introduce economic measures that bankrupted Jewish money-lending families.

Arbabzadah’s piece elicited this, on the Jewish practice of usury, and the Jewish domination of the financial industry.

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