Berchmans’ dehumanizing comment about Israelis: 266 Recommends & not deleted by CiF moderators

Below the line of Jane Eisner’s CiF commentary, “President Barack Obama’s calibrated AIPAC message, was this comment by serial Israel hater, and Jew baiter, Berchmans, responding to a passage from Eisner’s essay about Netanyahu’s relationship with Obama.

Imagine if a commenter had suggested that President Obama is morally subhuman? Is there any chance the comment would not have been deleted?

If you click on our Berchmans link, you’ll see a CiF commenter who:

  • Claims Ahmadinejad has not, in fact, denied the Holocaust,
  • Claims Iran is not pursing nuclear weapons
  • Endorses the views of Norman Finkelstein
  • Suggests that Hollywood and the media have pandered to Israel in advancing their Zionist narrative
  • Argues that the charge of “Holocaust denial” is merely a cynical means to  tar any criticism of Israel with the false charge of antisemitism.
  • Says: “modern antisemitism is an IDF-related phenomena”
  • Opines that Zionists engage in an orchestrated assault on opinion at ‘Comment is Free’
  • Suggests that Hamas’ charter is not antisemitic
  • Implies that Hamas is justified in hating Jews

Berchmans has not been banned or, unlike many pro-Israel commenters, to the best of our knowledge, been placed in pre-moderation.

The hate spewed by this commenter towards Israel, and the state’s Jewish supporters, with impunity, represents a perfect example of the biased moderation at ‘Comment is Free’.

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