Guardian readers and their inalienable right to make Israel-Nazi analogies

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According to his ‘Comment is Free’ profile, Ray Allott is a 66-year-old man who has commented at CiF on essays relating to such socially progressive topics as Energy, Pollution and Renewable energy. 

In his spare time, Ray enjoys cycling and motor caravanning in France.

Now for his closeup.

Ray Allott

Seems like a nice enough fellow.

However, we learned today that when he’s not cycling, enjoying the winding roads of France’s beautiful countryside, and opining on the the importance of Eco-Friendly polices, he finds time to elucidate on an all together different kind of pollutant – of the Zionist variety.   

Commenting under the Guardian’s blog on the AIPAC conference”Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu talks – as it happens, March 6, Ray wrote the following:

Ray’s comment was deleted by CiF moderators.

But, it gets better.

It seems that Ray has a Facebook profile which allows Zionist trolls like myself to see his friends, interests, photos, and status updates.  Well, evidently, Ray was none too pleased with having his inalienable right to compare Jews to Nazis curtailed, and posted this


Ray Allott: Yet another tragic victim of the Zionist Guardian.

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