Guardian reader’s thinly veiled threat against Jews doesn’t result in suspension of user privileges

H/T Pretzelberg

Beneath Jonathan Freedland’s CiF essay on March 6, Netanyahu and Obama’s prickly alliance on Iran, was this comment by a Guardian reader using the moniker, “MaggiesMemoirs“.

The comment (which garnered 10 Recommends before being deleted), evoking supremely arrogant Zionists squelching free speech in the West, and, threatening untold, and seeming unimaginably violent (“Ground-Zero” style) revenge against such Zionist oppressors did not result in a suspension of his/her user privileges.  

It is extremely disturbing that CiF moderators (who have suspended Zionist commenters for such shocking Guardian apostasies as daring to link to CiF Watch) have allowed a commenter who threatened mass violence against “Zionists” (or, at least, characterized such a calamity as inevitable, and a just outcome) to continue contributing at ‘Comment is Free’.

Evidently, as long as you don’t explicitly say “death to Jews”, such thinly veiled threats do not violate CiF’s sacred “community standards.”

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