Toulouse Diarist: Revisiting Guardian’s “expose” on public funds for Jewish communal security

A guest post by Truthy Ruthy

In the context of the recent murder of four Jews in Toulouse, it would seem that public support to provide enhanced security at Jewish schools is essential and should be uncontroversial.

That’s not saying we don’t all pray that cometh the day soon that we won’t need to take such precautions to protect the Jewish community, but right now and indeed throughout our history, we have and we do. The promised prophesised days of the lion chilling in the field with the lamb seem to be a little way off yet.

Whilst The Guardian may choose to forget their ill-fated “expose” on such funding, published on Holocaust Memorial, day two months ago, I have not forgotten and I am here to remind you.

The essence of the pompous “investigation” was that Michael Gove, the UK Education Secretary, awarded a £2million pound grant to the Community Security Trust to be distributed amongst Jewish schools for security. There was a half-arsed attempt to talk about some conflict of interest, an accusation that was dismissed by the Education Department.

The source of the Guardian “expose”? David Miller, of the Spinwatch.

Who is David Miller? 

Per Harry’s Place, he passionately defended hate preacher, Raed Salah, and, additionally:

David Miller also runs a series of websites, one of which reproduced the thesis of a notorious neo Nazi, Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald believes that Jews are genetically predisposed to scheme and conspire against non-Jews. The article was eventually removed, after this was pointed out to them. But, as far as we can tell, nobody was “sacked” from Miller’s project for promoting neo Nazi antisemitism.

However the true purpose of the piece was painfully transparent to us all and very much in line with their usual narrative.

Most vital, in the Guardian’s role of protecting the public interest, was the fact that the £2million grant for protecting children in Jewish schools is made up of…..drum roll….Taxpayers money!

I know, I know. It would seem that the Jewish people in the UK have the chutzpah to think that their children have the right to some minimal governmental protection from violent antisemites.

Check out those Jews getting above their station with their sense of entitlement to public funds!

It is now four days since the shooting at the Jewish school in Toulouse. The gunman shot dead at close range three children and an adult. All Jews. Two of the children were siblings and the adult shot dead was their father. With this unspeakably painful act in mind, I put a question over to the Guardian and appeal to the better angels of their nature:

Do you still think that the scorn displayed throughout your article was appropriate?

Do you now think that a measly £2million of public taxpayers money towards the preservation of Jewish childrens’ lives is excessive? 

I urge you for just this once to set aside the pomp and self-importance and to take those terrifying steps towards the unchartered territory of the closest thing to an apology you can manage.

Whilst I look forward to reading this, you will be pleased to know I won’t be holding my breath.

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