Zionist Trolling Alert: How to annoy organizers of ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ in 1 easy step

As many of you already know, CiF Watch has set up a site called ‘Exposing the truth about the Global March to Jerusalem, which reveals the extremist and terrorist connections of organizers of the ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ provocation scheduled for March 30.

Oh, and our site just happens to look a lot like the official GMJ site. (I can’t imagine how that happened! 😉

Here’s a short factsheet summarizing our findings on GMJ.  

Well, I just noticed that the official GMJ-North America Facebook page is an open group – meaning Zionist trolls like myself are currently able to post links to our website, or engage in any other ‘Zionist propaganda’ they no doubt would not be happy to see.

As the stellar site, The Propagandist, says: Confusion to our enemies!

So, if you go to their FB page, you’ll see my comment, linking to CiF Watch’s GMJ site, and I ask that you consider “Liking” or commenting on it.  Similarly, fee free to comment on your own, and just engage in some good ‘ol fashioned philo-Semitic high-jinx!

Here’s my post at their site to help get you in the mood for such mischief.  But, please act fast, as I would imagine they’ll eventually catch on and make it a closed group.

(Finally, please consider “Liking” our GMJ Facebook page, and following us on our GMJ Twitter account)

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