Guardian reader’s outrage with paper’s latest propaganda about antisemitic murders in Toulouse

I was working on a reply to the latest outrageous Guardian editorial on the murder of four Jews in the French city of Toulouse,Toulouse shootings: in the line of fire, March 23, but was alerted to this reader comment which sums up the paper’s propaganda quite well.

Also, for a bit of background, in addition to reading their latest take on the shooting (linked above), see my post regarding their Tuesday editorial, which (published prior to knowledge of the identity of the killer) named, as the broader societal culprit, “toxic” [anti-immigrant] rightwing rhetoric” in France, and, surmised that the shootings represented an attack on “minorities” motivated by such a reactionary political atmosphere.

The possibility that the murderer was an Islamic extremist didn’t enter the Guardian author’s mind.

Today’s editorial (written after the radical Islamist motivation of the killer, Mohammed Merah was known) didn’t so much as acknowledge how horribly wrong their initial commentary was – all of which was too much for this Guardian reader, whose comment actually garnered 206 ‘Recommends’. 

Well said!

By the way, as you can see by his commenter profile, he is (or was) indeed a Guardian reader – with comments at CiF dating back to Oct. of 2009.

It’s nice to see that some of the paper’s readers can be properly shocked by Guardian editors’ hypocrisy, intolerance and ideological extremism.  

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