‘Comment is Free’ places obituary for Israeli PM’s father on ‘Palestinian Territories’ page.

This morning’s ‘Comment is Free’ Middle East page looks like this: 

Click on ‘Israel’, and what you see is this: 

Yes, that jaded old Sam Bahour article from July 2011 is still at the top of the page. 

Click on ‘Palestinian Territories’, and – uniquely among all the countries listed – one is taken away from ‘Comment is Free’ to the ‘World News’ section of the Guardian website. 

There you see is this:

Yes; the obituary for the father of Israel’s Prime Minister appears on the ‘Palestinian Territories’ page of the ‘World News’ section. It is, fortunately, also on the same section’s ‘Israel’ page. 

Just out of curiosity; were a serving British Prime Minister’s parent to pass away, would the Guardian see fit to post the obituary on the Argentina page of its ‘World News’ section? 

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