‘Comment is Free’ cheeky reader comment of the day: On Sharon, babies and Semitic tendencies

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There were over 300 comments beneath the line of Stuart Jeffries’ review of Sasha Baron Cohen’s movie, The Dictator (Guardian, May 15).

More than a few readers were evidently angered that Cohen, a Jew, had the temerity to mock Arab dictators.  Here is the comment of one outraged reader (rayhanania), which garnered 308 ‘Recommends’. 

This commenter is possibly the same Ray Hanania (an Arab American journalist and comedian) who was quoted in Jeffries’ review arguing:

“Baron Cohen could be far more effective if he turned his comedic talents inwards and portrayed someone like…prime minister…Netanyahu or even rightwing foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.”

Another reader, agreeing with the suggestion (by rayhanania) that Jews would never, ever be subjected to crude ethnic stereotypes, strayed into different territory.

The reader was referring to this notorious cartoon (appearing in The Independent in 2003) which he/she characterized as garnering a “great deal of support from the Jewish community”.

Then, there was this cheeky reply:

I think many of us have a relative who can’t control such, um, ‘impulses’.

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