The most insidious Zionist tool: Economic development. (Unintended comedy at the Guardian)

Yesterday, June 25, in ‘Harriet Sherwood taken for a ride in Acre’, Hadar Sela effectively fisked Sherwood’s latest report, Israel’s historic city of Acre faces tourist and settler tensions, June 24, and made the following points:

  • The headline of Sherwood’s article declares that “…Acre faces tourist and settler tensions” with the strap line further claiming that “Mixed Arab-Jewish ‘sleeping beauty’ city awakes to gentrification and influx of nationalist-religious Jews”, advancing the specious narrative that rich Jews are buying property in the old city of Acco in a process of ‘gentrification’, thus driving out the poor Arab population.
  • Sherwood manages [by interviewing Arabs with extreme anti-Zionist agendas] to turn a story about the physical and economic regeneration of a depressed city (a dynamic typically understood to be desirable) into a tall tale of quasi ethnic cleansing.
  • Interestingly, while all the activists Sherwood interviews warn of racism and anti-Arab discrimination in Acco’s newer neighbourhoods, even invoking the spectre of ‘settlers coming to town and the ‘Judaisation‘ of the city, not one of them – nor Harriet Sherwood herself –  seems to find anything amiss with the concurrent campaign objecting to  Jews buying property in Acco’s predominately Arab old city.

Indeed, only in the Guardian can economic development in an Israeli city (inside the green line) be framed in a manner suggesting anti-Arab racism, and Jewish malevolence.

Yet, there was one passage in particular which caught my eye and, it seems, shows the shallow and almost comical nature of the narrative advanced in Sherwood’s tale.

“Ahmed Odeh, an Arab member of the city council, claims that about 50 properties in the old city have been acquired by Jewish investors for redevelopment. He says a number of ruses have been employed to encourage Arab residents to give up their properties…to developers. These include straightforward cash offers, often irresistible to poor families; orders for expensive repairs; and eviction if debts are defaulted on.” [Emphasis added]

Simply chilling: The ancient and supremely sinister Semitic ruses of paying cash for a property an owner is willing to sell, and evicting those who default on their mortgages!

Those scheming Zionist financiers, money lenders, and merchants will clearly stop at nothing!

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