1,365 CiF readers agree: Circumcision represents Jews’ belief in their right to ‘mutilate baby boys’

Catherine Bennett’s ‘Comment is Free’ essay (“Circumcision is an affront to decent human behavior“, July 22)  was certainly not an exercise in subtlety, nor a morally nuanced polemical meditation.

Bennett’s attack on those favoring circumcision, who she ever so wittily characterized as having “an aversion to foreskins”, included a comparison of the custom to other “ritual crimes against children, including facial scarring and forced marriage”.

She also compared the “barbaric” act against boys to female genital mutilation.

Bennett’s commentary elicited an extremely large volume of comments beneath the line, including this one blasting the Jews’ “self-appointed right to the mutilation of baby boys”, which garnered 1,365 Recommends from fellow CiF readers.

Yes, kudos to Germany for refusing to be silenced, and finally summoning the courage to once again stand up to the powerful Jewish pro-circumcision lobby!

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