Communist ‘Hasbara’ at the Guardian

Who among us hasn’t longed for the ‘workers paradises’ of the former Soviet bloc?

Who hasn’t experienced a sense of nostalgia for the forced collectivization, show trials, political purges, gulags, forced starvation, psychiatric incarcerations, mass murders and ethnic cleansing – the ineffable political beauty of totalitarian states which, by the early 80s, nearly one-third of the world’s population was fortunate enough to enjoy.   

This video of Soviet propaganda posters set to their national anthem may get you in the mood.


If that crude agitprop didn’t work, then, alas, we always have the Guardian.

On Aug. 14, they published a much more polished communism propaganda video as part of their ‘After Capitalism’ series.

Here’s the actual video they posted, which, in true socialist spirit, they were kind enough to allow me to download:


The disturbingly creepy narration of the video (which I just can’t get out of my head) seems to have jogged my memory, and I suddenly recall that communism was arguably the most lethal ideology in the history of man, with an estimated 100 million killed as a result of their, umm, benign proletariat dictatorships.

But, let’s not hold grudges. Why not let bygones be bygones?

Seumas Milne’s dystopian Guardian fantasies are nothing if not inspiring.

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