Elder of Ziyon reader blows the lid off of ‘Dicky Gate’!

BREAKING: A commenter at Elder of Ziyon just revealed the following startling new information on recent “news” about Israeli plans for a 30- day war against Iran which were secretly passed to the Seattle-based blogger, Richard Silverstein, by a source at the IDF.

“I have it on good authority from my sources inside the Mossad that Silverstein is working for Israeli Intelligence. Embedded in the text of his “leaks” is actually a sophisticated virus containing embedded LUA [computer programming] code that was developed by a joint Israeli/American team with help from Iranian dissidents at a secret NSA base in Hawaii where the LUA dress codes were developed. Taken singularly the posts are harmless, however if a collection of n such posts are gathered together on a computer with an Iranian IP address the code unleashes a powerful worm that will take over Iran’s missile system, initiate a firing system and self target each of the silos and all of Iran’s major cities. I’m only releasing this information so that innocent Iranians will have a chance to flee the cities before it’s too late.

The only two people who know the final code which will be released around mid October are Silverstein and his wife. As a result they are guarded day and night by CIA agents, lest Iranian security services seek to thwart the system by kidnapping or incapacitating them.

These particular sources are impeccable and they’ve never been wrong.”

Far fetched?  Perhaps.

But, for those aspiring bloggers amongst you who may wish to influence public opinion, and possibly even become a source for a “respected” British media institution, why not provide, in our comment section, your completely uncorroborated, super top-secret information regarding Israel’s planned attack on Iran. 

Remember: Feel free to let your imagination run wild.  Those fluent in עברית may even plagiarize consult Hebrew language forums, message boards and rumors heard on the street.

Remember, the key aim here is to tip-off Israel’s enemies.  

And, you must operate on the BBC/Guardian assumption that Israelis aren’t sophisticated enough to soberly assess their own security threats – even those posed by nations which openly seek the Jewish state’s destruction – and, thus, Israel needs to be ‘saved from itself’.  

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