News of an antisemitic attack in Germany is buried by the Guardian

In early June we posted about kippah wearing Jewish teens in France who were brutally assaulted by a mob of Arab youths.  We noted that one of the young Jewish men suffered an open wound on his skull and one girl sustained a neck injury.

Not only did the French Interior Ministry confirm that the assault was motivated by antisemitism, but as Times of Israel reported, such racist attacks against Jews are increasing in the country.

Joël Mergui, president of the Central Consistory – an umbrella organization working to coordinate local Jewish communities – said the country’s Jews were under constant attack and the chief rabbi of the Grand Synagogue in Lyon, Richard Wertenschlag, called the atmosphere for Jews “unbearable.”

Yet the Guardian; a crusading liberal broadsheet which fancies itself a fierce advocate on behalf of all victims of racism, did not report on the vicious attack.

Just last week it was widely reported that there was an antisemitic assault in Berlin against Rabbi Daniel Alter, who was punched several times in the face by four young Arabs whilst in the company of his young daughter.  

Again, the Guardian’s Germany page does not, to date, include even a brief mention of the brutal attack – the disturbing details of which were revealed in an interview with Alter:

“The 53-year-old rabbi said one of the four Arab-looking youths who attacked him [breaking his cheekbone] first asked him, “Hey, are you a Jew?” Alter said the youths threatened him and his daughter with such statements as, “I’ll f*** your daughter… your wife and I’ll f***… your God.” “

Alter’s wife and his two daughters were being treated by a child psychologist due to the trauma of the attack.

While Jewish leaders in Germany have been critical of the country’s failure to honestly confront the “Islamic-animated anti-Semitism among segments of the country’s more than four million Muslims”, there was a hopeful sign to come out of Berlin.

Ynet reported that citizens in the German capital are “reacting to last week’s attack on a rabbi with a show of solidarity with the local Jewish community.”

“Under the headline ‘Berlin is wearing a kippah’ the Berliner Zeitung, one of the capital’s most popular newspapers published a front page story featuring some of Berlin’s most prominent residents wearing yarmulkes on their heads.

Politicians, artists and businessmen had their pictures taken with skullcaps on their heads, explaining that through the act of wearing a kippah they were expressing their opposition to anti-Semitism.”

While I do not expect the staff of the Guardian to engage in such a dramatic display of support for Europe’s tiny Jewish community, they could at least show that their professed anti-racist politics includes solidarity with every minority target, even when the broader story contradicts the rigid script of their far-left narrative.

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