Would the real Owain Greenwood please stand up?

H/T SantaMoniker

The Israel bashers at ‘Comment is Free’ love to accuse those supporting Israel of trolling, using multiple monikers, and so on. Well, it looks as though one of the bashers may have been a little too clever in the use of the tactics they so often accuse others of employing.

SantaMoniker sent us this interesting set of clips from the below the line thread at the article Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention – live.

She replied to Owain Greenwood just after owaingr replied to SheketVShalva and noticed the curious resemblance between the names.

Here’s “owaingr”:


And here’s SantaMoniker’s response to  Owain Greenwood, immediately following that comment:


Curious, SantaMoniker looked up the two “Owains”. How odd that they should both use the same picture with their rather similar monikers, and have the same commented so frequently on the same thread !!

Here’s “Owain Greenwood” – http://www.guardian.co.uk/discussion/user/id/10451194

And here’s “owaingr” – http://www.guardian.co.uk/discussion/user/owaingr

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