Will the Guardian report rockets fired by Gaza terrorists which destroyed a house in Israel?

The life of Pini Azoulay, of the southern Israeli town of Netivot, 14 km from the Gaza border, was saved when, having awoken (at around 2AM this morning) to the sound of the air raid siren, he ran towards the bathroom which was protected by a concrete ceiling.

The explosion caused by the grad rocket caused severe damage to the house.

Home in Netivot destroyed, this morning, by Palestinian rocket fire

A second rocket landed in an open area in Beersheba, prompting the city’s mayor, Mayor Ruvik Danilovich, to cancel school for more than 40,000 children.

The rocket attacks on Israel today by Palestinians in Gaza resulted in seven injuries; three were hurt while running to bomb shelters after hearing the sirens, while another four suffered shock.

No terror group claimed responsibility for the attack, but reports suggest that terrorists associated with the Global Jihad network were to blame.

So far in 2012, more than 455 rockets fired from Gaza have hit Israel.

This constant barrage of Palestinian terror attacks (by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees, Global Jihadists, and others) has been characterized – when reported at all – by the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, Harriet Sherwood, as “sporadic“.

The blog ‘This Ongoing War does a stellar job reporting the details of this grossly under-reported campaign of terror against Israeli civilians.   

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