Did the Guardian forget that Nazareth is in Israel?

The Guardian’s Ami Sedghi created a data blog titled ‘Anti-Islam film protests – every verified incident‘, Sept. 19.

The graphics detail the 30 protests which have occurred across the world since Sept. 11, and include a map or photo, the city and country, along with a brief description of the protest.

Here’s an example:

Three protest locations stand out, as they don’t list the country.

One such city, listed without noting the country where it’s located, is Jerusalem, which is not surprising given the Guardian’s past problems identifying this city as Israeli.

The disputed Kashmir Valley (administered by India) also does not include the country where it resides.

However, the failure of the Guardian to list the country for the following city is truly baffling, as its status is not, and has never been, in dispute. 

Nazareth, as everybody knows, is located in the Galilee, north of the West Bank and well inside the Green Line.  It’s future status has never been in doubt.

A simple editor’s mistake, you say?

If this error didn’t appear in the Guardian, that would indeed be our assumption, too.

You may want to Tweet the author, Ami Sedghi, and alert her about the curious omission. 


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