When Israelis can’t be blamed: Tens of thousands of dead Syrians & ‘humanitarian’ flotillas not sent

Graphic and post by Ariel Zinger. (Originally published at the blog, ‘BDS gone bad‘)

Remember the 2010 Gaza Flotilla? Who doesn’t.

Well, another “Humanitarian” flotilla is on its way to Gaza (from Sweden) while Damascus is dying .

Humanitarian flotillas make for great media stages. They are PR events destined to get people to notice the urgent pleas of the downtrodden.

Organizers of the Gaza flotillas claim that such efforts represent acts of humanitarianism, ‘non-political’ acts of kindness benefiting the Palestinian population. They are not against Israel, they claim, but simply for Arabs (in Gaza) who are in need.

However, for over a year now the Syrian people have been the Arabs most in need of aid in the Middle East, and yet the ‘humanitarians’ are nowhere to be seen.

The actual numbers (updated for August 31st, and on a steep rise since) speak for themselves – and can be seen in the Infographic I made.

(Editor’s note: Numbers listed in the graphic represent estimates, based on conflicting figures cited by various reputable sources. Estimates on number of Syrians killed are herehere here, here and here. Refugee figures are here and here. Estimates on number of children killed are here and here. Figures on Syrian detainees/prisoners are here.)

UPDATE: You can read a critique of this post, at the superb blog ‘Simply Jews’, here.

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