Jewish reaction to thousands of antisemitic Arab cartoons: No riots, no injuries, no deaths

Tom Gross wrote the following, in a recent post, about the non-existent “Israeli Jew” backed by non-existent “rich Jewish financiers” responsible for the YouTube video clip called the “Innocence of Muslims.”

Even after most Western news outlets corrected themselves last Thursday, a small minority of Western news columnists with a track record of attacking Israel continued to state that an Israeli Jew was behind the film.

Unsurprisingly, the media in the Arab world and Iran have continued this theme…blaming Jews for the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims.” 

Here are a handful of the hateful cartoons in the Arab media, echoing these false accusations about the film, which didn’t inspire Jews to riot, engage in violence, nor the storm embassies of countries where such antisemitic depictions were sanctioned.

United Arab Emirates paper, Al-Bayan, Sept. 16, 2012: The caption reads “A joint vision of the production”

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

The Qatari paper Ar-Raya, Sept. 16, 2012. Note the stars of David on the filmmaker’s shirtsleeves. The caption reads: “The Killing of the US Ambassador in Libya.” 

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

The Omani paper, Al-Watan, Sept. 18, 2012: The movie clapboard says: “The film: Innocence of Muslims; Produced by The devil,” and the Jew is saying “Action”

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

The official PA daily published this cartoon on Aug. 23 that depicts Israel as a demonized religious Jew holding a knife dripping with blood.
Obama to Jew holding a knife dripping with blood:
“Don’t be afraid. There are no pictures or articles about you.”.

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Iran’s Fars News Agency, Sept. 2012. Jewish devil

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Fars News Agency, Sept. 2012. The Jewish serpent is being led by Satan.

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Finally, going  beyond the current controversy over ‘The innocence of Muslims”, here are a couple of Arab “classics”.

Blood-drinking Jews are frequently portrayed in the Arab media. Shown here is one published in the Egyptian paper, Al Ahram in April 2001, showing an Arab placed into a flattening mill by two Israeli soldiers. Arab blood pours out & two Jews drink the blood laughingly.

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is shown drinking from a goblet labeled “The Palestinian Children’s Blood.”

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

This cartoon, with text in English designed for a foreign audience, was posted on the official website of the Palestinian Authority State on April 6, 2003

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

As Joel Kotek wrote in an essay published at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs:

The main recurrent motif in Arab cartoons concerning Israel is “the devilish Jew.” This image conveys the idea that Jews behave like Nazis, kill children and love blood. 

Palestinian cartoonists often place emphasis on the anti-Semitic accusation of “ritual murder” of children. This is underscored by their claim that Israelis target Palestinian children. To dehumanize Jews, Arab cartoonists often depict them as malevolent creatures: spiders, vampires or octopuses.

Here’s one last cartoon, which is cruel beyond words.

This cartoon, of Hitler and Anne Frank, was published in 2006 on the website of the Arab-European League (AEL), founded by Dyab Abou Jahjah, a Lebanese born Belgian Muslim leader

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Finally, these cartoons are anything but anomalies.  

There are thousands upon thousands of such hideously antisemitic depictions of Jews in the Arab media (in newspapers, magazines, and books), many of which can be found at the sites of Palestinian Media Watch, MEMRI and ADL.

The Guardian, as with most of the “mainstream” media, all but ignores such expressions of extreme hatred towards Jews in the Arab world.

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