A BBC feline interest story

One may think that the sheer number of journalists based in Israel – including those of the BBC’s Middle East Bureau in Jerusalem – should mean that audiences around the world would be well informed about the tapestry of life in multi-cultural Israel.

Perhaps one would even expect – given that it is the BBC’s legal obligation to ensure that it “gives information about, and increases understanding of, the world through accurate and impartial news, other information, and analysis of current events and ideas” – that BBC journalists would take any opportunity to talk to Israelis and get to know the people and the place they spend their lives writing about. 

The BBC’s Jerusalem-based reporter Kevin Connolly obviously takes his organisation’s obligations seriously. In a recent piece of particularly incisive journalism he spared no effort in digging down to the historic roots of a contemporary Middle East phenomenon, thereby undoubtedly increasing the license fee-paying public’s understanding of the world.

The article appeared in the Magazine section of the BBC News website. 

Yes; really! 

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